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It is the limitlessness of the brush that shows me the way as an artist. The sensation of its stroke channels a force through which I find meaning and connection to creativity itself. In utilizing the intensity and character of the light, I find myself bridging the spheres of traditional art and architecture. 


Whether it be on the canvas or the sketching paper, the essence of building structures is to create foundations for exploration and growth. A shape to set the mind running or expose a challenge. Where materials relate and contrast, I find that new impressions and nuances can be brought into light. 


I was born and raised on the Swedish west coast, outside the city of Gothenburg. I graduated in 1976 with a Master of Architecture from Chalmers University of Technology, a degree which encompassed extensive studies of painting and sculpture. I have since explored my creativity in a variety of art courses and teachings.


Allowing a seed to grow at its own pace and nurturing it with an open mind and respect for life, has allowed me a widened horisont with space for new impressions. In this, I am filled with both gratitude and awe. This is me, right now. 

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